Interest Groups

Interest groups are for Notre Dame faculty and staff members who would like to connect through common interests with other young leaders within the ND community. If a group is open to the broader community it will be noted in the group details.

Goals for YLND Interest Groups: 

  • Put folks in touch with others who share common interests
  • Provide an online resource for ND faculty or staff members only to easily connect with the campus community

YLND Interest Groups are NOT:

  • NOT for promotion of your personal business (see Conflict of Interest policy)
  • NOT for marketing merchandise or services
  • This is NOT a fully managed forum. We provide an opportunity for members of the ND community to connect with one another, but we do not manage the resulting interactions in any way. Please use appropriate discretion in all interactions and remember the YLND Groups Policy at the bottom of this page.

We try to keep our site simple to use, but if you have technical issues or feel the need to report a concern please contact YLND.

Although the University is not responsible for the content or accuracy of group-specific information, the University reserves the right to regulate or remove groups at its sole discretion. The University and Young Leaders of Notre Dame cannot vouch for any person hosting a group and your use of these special interest groups is at your own risk. Contact the Young Leaders of Notre Dame or the Department of Human Resources regarding any problems or to report a concern.