Better Sleep & Better Startups: Somni


Location: 200 Main Building

This dynamic presentation, by Somni co-founders Dr. Payne and Matt Berg, aims to be humorous and yet seriously helpful, while addressing the topics of better sleep, what you should know before starting a new company, and their experiences with Somniā€”the first in kind digital health platform for better sleep.

Dr. Payne, current Notre Dame professor and sleep expert, will show you ways to enhance the quality of your life by helping you understand the importance of sleep. Most of us are sleep deprived, causing reduced memory ability, productivity, and quality of performance, as well as an increase in moodiness, stress, and accidents.

Several leading Fortune 100 companies, universities, medical associations, and health organizations, are learning from Dr. Payne that it isn't smart to operate on less than your required amount of sleep. In fact, recent research proves that lack of sleep literally makes you less smart, less productive, more stressed out, more negative, and more forgetful.

You will learn the serious benefits of sleep for being able to think well, remember well, perform well, and live well. Find out how you, your children and grandchildren can become better scholars and athletes literally overnight. And learn the golden rules and sure-fire strategies that will help you get better sleep, manage stress, and increase positivity - all of which will literally help you "be your best self."

Matt Berg, recent Notre Dame graduate, will cover what you may want to know if have ever considered launching and growing a new company. Matt will share the experience of starting Somni in a University setting and take questions for any of those who are interested in business, growth, and product development.