Behind the Scenes: IDEA Center Innovation Lab


Location: IDEA Center Innovation Lab, Innovation Park, 1400 E Angela Blvd

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The IDEA Center Innovation Lab helps entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers translate their ideas into tangible products. While the Innovation Lab is known for creating a diverse collection of products for start-ups, on-campus departments and community organizations, the team changed their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic to make hundreds of solutions for local businesses and healthcare professionals to adapt to the crisis. This immersion experience will take YLND members into the lab where ideas are engineered and products are made using a variety of 3-D printing and laser cutting techniques. Attendees will get a true 'hands-on' experience as we help to make products for real start-ups in the lab! This is an in-person Behind the Scenes session and attendees will be required to follow all University guidelines as it relates to COVID-19.

Hear from Matt Leevy, Director, IDEA Center Innovation Lab; Capstone Adviser and Mentor, ESTEEM

Max capacity is 20 people.