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One of Young Leaders of Notre Dame’s flagship programs, Learning from Leaders offers young working professionals and faculty members the opportunity to connect with and seek advice from senior University leaders. At each event, several YLND members meet with a key figure at Notre Dame to hear about their career journey and ask questions about professional development, life at Notre Dame, and more.

Spring 2023 Series

Why attend Learning from Leaders?

Mary De Villiers

Mary de Villiers
associate director, international admissions

"The most helpful piece of advice from our meeting with a University leader was how to find life/work balance, as many of us feel that our work at Notre Dame is a calling and not just a job. Our featured speaker gave us useful ideas on managing work and personal responsibilities, and her insights were both inspiring and affirming.

"Since that conversation, I have found myself feeling more confident in the way I approach my work schedule and in the way I encourage colleagues to approach their own life/work balance."

Grant Osborn

Grant Osborn
communications specialist, Notre Dame Research

"Our featured speaker shared insights and anecdotes that arose out of the challenges and opportunities she encountered and how those experiences have shaped her into an effective leader. While she told a number of stories, the moral of one that I hold onto still was the importance of malleability and humility, especially for leaders — sometimes leaders need to reassess the course their team is on and, utilizing the skills and knowledge they have futrher developed along the way, set their team's coordinates toward a new destination.

"In order to excel as leaders, we must have the wherewithal to assess what we do and how we do it as well as the courage and humility to adjust when necessity or opportunity calls."

Past Featured Leaders

  • Jessica Brookshire | Office of Clinical Par Program Director for Notre Dame Research
  • Luis Fraga | Director of the Institute for Latino Studies
  • David Bailey | Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Research
  • Ted Barron | Executive Director, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
  • Matthew Blazejewski | Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Paul Browne | Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications
  • Laura Carlson | Vice President and Associate Provost, Dean of the Graduate School
  • Missy Conboy | Senior Deputy Athletics Director, Sport Operations and ACC Liaison
  • Marianne Corr | Vice President and General Counsel
  • Linda Costas | Director of Talent Consulting, Office of Human Resource
  • Ann Firth | Vice President and Chief of Staff
  • Marty Harshman | Senior Advisor to the Executive Vice President
  • Karrah Herring | Director of Public Affairs
  • Rob Kelly | Senior Associate Athletics Director
  • Micki Kidder | Vice President for University Enterprises and Events
  • Ron Kraemer | Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Digital Officer
  • Linda Kroll | Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Katherine Lane | Senior Director of Stewardship and Donor Services
  • Eric Love | Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion
  • Scott Malpass | Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
  • Doug Marsh | Vice President for Facilities Design and Operations and University Architect
  • Jen McAward | Associate Professor of Law; Director, Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • Fr. Pete McCormick | Director of Campus Ministry
  • Silvio Mendez | Facilities Administrator, Campus Crossroads
  • Sarah Misener | Associate Vice President, Campus Services
  • Mary Nucciarone | Director of Financial Aid 
  • Iris Outlaw | Director of Multicultural Student Program and Services
  • Bryan Ritchie | Associate Provost and Vice President for Innovation
  • Tim Sexton | Associate Vice President for Public Affairs
  • Keri Kei Shibata | Notre Dame Chief of Police
  • Dan Skendzel | Executive Director of ND Studios
  • Karen Sunshine | Director Game Day Hospitality, Special Events
  • Pamela Nolan Young | Director for Academic Diversity and Inclusion