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January 2021 | Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight Web Jenniferr
How has YLND assisted you in connecting with other young professionals? 

YLND was the first group I joined on campus and it really helped me to connect with young professionals through the fun group activities.

Favorite YLND memory

My first event we met at this great bar in South Bend and then went ice skating! However, the party didn't stop there! We then got tacos at a fun local hot spot. Great memories and got to meet some fun people!

What is your favorite "hidden secret" about Notre Dame?  

I love the Notre Dame Fighting Irish spirit! Even during the pandemic, the community buckled down and did what we had to do to keep the campus running smoothly. Not to mention the absolute pride we all felt when we historically beat the number 1 Clemson in double overtime, what a game! I feel so lucky to be a part of this Fighting Irish community!

Fun fact about yourself

I love trying new foods and restaurants!


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