Membership & Bylaws


Young Leaders of Notre Dame is open to any employee at the University of Notre Dame. Events and opportunities are focused on meeting the needs of those under the age of 45.

BY-LAWS (last updated May 14, 2018)

Young Leaders of Notre Dame (YLND) exists to connect Notre Dame young professionals through networking, professional development, and community engagement and social activities to assist Human Resources with recruitment, retention and provision of educational initiatives ensuring the continued growth and strength of the University community.


Several staff members approached the University Leadership expressing a desire and interest in ways to meet, interact, and connect with young professionals across campus as a way to build community and further their own careers. An exploratory committee including those staff members and a representative from Human Resources was formed in the spring of 2015. The result of the work of the committee was the formation of YLND as an Employee Resource Group (ERG), with the support of Human Resources.

Committee Charter & Goals

YLND will fulfill its mission in the following ways:

  • Holding various events to encourage socializing, networking, professional development, and community engagement opportunities
  • Administering an online platform through which young professionals at ND can connect
  • Working with University Leadership and Human Resources to create networking & professional development opportunities
  • Working with other local organizations to connect YLND members to the wider Michiana community
Steering Committee Makeup

YLND is led by a steering committee consisting of a diverse cross-section of the University’s young professionals. A committee member may hold more than one position on the steering committee. A single term in any position on the steering committee may be no longer than 2 years. Committee members may remain on the steering committee for no longer than 4 years total. Prior to serving on the steering committee, individuals must serve a minimum of one full semester on a subcommittee. Subcommittees are subject to change as determined by the steering committee. At a minimum the YLND Steering Committee has the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Administrative Chair
  • Communications Chair 
  • Events & Community Engagement Chair
  • Human Resources Liaison
  • Membership Chair

Responsible for overall operations and strategic direction of YLND and acts as the liaison to the University community as a whole.

Vice-Chair (Chair-Elect)
Supports the work and supplements the strategic development of YLND. Provides financial and fundraising oversight for YLND. Acts as the liaison to the University community in the absence of the Chair. The Vice-Chair is nominated by the Chair and approved by a majority vote of the steering committee.

Administrative Chair
Responsible for the scheduling of YLND committee meetings, taking committee notes, and facilitating agendas and committee work as needed. Oversees the budget process for YLND to include approval of expenses, accounting for all expenses, and providing budget updates to steering committee at each meeting. In doing so, will work closely with Human Resources for their accounting purposes.

Communications Subcommittee
Responsible for the oversight of comprehensive communications that support the strategic direction of YLND to include web content, social media, photography/videography, and direct communications to YLND members.

Events & Community Engagement Subcommittee 
Responsible for the oversight, development, and strategic direction of YLND events and community engagement. Acts as the primary liaison to local community groups and organizations to ensure that YLND events incorporate connections to the broader Michiana community.

Human Resources Liaison
Human Resources staff member who helps to ensure that YLND is fulfilling its mission of assisting Human Resources with recruitment, retention, and provision of educational initiatives.

Membership Subcommittee
Responsible for educating the campus community about the existence and benefits of YLND, as well as maintaining and growing the membership database. 

Filling Roles on the Steering Committee

If a subcommittee chair is vacated, the exiting chair will solicit nominations of a new chair to sit on the steering committee. At a minimum of once a year, subcommittees will call for new members to aid in their work. Subcommittees may choose to seek additional members more frequently than once a year at the discretion of the chair. The steering committee must have a majority vote, for the following:

  • Creation of new subcommittees
  • Approval of subcommittee chairs
  • Annual budget review and approval
  • Additional budget expenditure of 10% or greater that was not previously approved in the annual budget

The steering committee must communicate to its members on its progress in fulfilling the mission of YLND, as well as its intended strategic direction on an annual basis.